The London Cycling Campaign has published pictures and video of its new Safer Urban Lorry design, and is calling on the construction industry to adopt similar vehicle designs to reduce the shocking number of lorry-cyclist fatalities. London Cycling Campaign haulage expert and former lorry driver Charlie Lloyd said:

“Our Safer Urban Lorry design is a challenge to the construction industry to use vehicles that help reduce the terrible number of people on bikes and on foot who are killed by lorries.

“The restricted view from the cab of many of today’s construction lorries means the driver often has little or no idea who or what is in their immediate vicinity, which is totally unacceptable.”

Geoff Lee, whose wife Hilary was killed by a lorry while cycling in Barnet in October 2012, said:

“The construction industry has a duty to do everything it can to prevent more people being killed by its vehicles. Perhaps if more lorries were designed like this lorry, then fewer innocent people would die on our streets.”

The campaign has released several concept drawings. You can see it below.

Truck Redesign for Reducing Cyclist Fatalities - 01

Truck Redesign for Reducing Cyclist Fatalities - 02

Truck Redesign for Reducing Cyclist Fatalities - 03