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Water4gas Scam – Rip-off Or Not

The price of the goods we need every day seems to increase every time you visit your grocery store. Inflation is on the rise for over a year now. An economic downturn and a rise in oil prices is often blamed for this state of affairs. Indeed, the upward movement of prices is no more apparent than at the gas pump. With gas prices as high as they are, it’s easy to see why people are starting to seek out alternatives to save money on fuel costs. One of the newest fads out there these days is something frequently called water for gas, or “water4gas.”

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Hydrogen Gas In Cars – A Viable Alternative To Gasoline

It is most likely that your car is using an ethanol-gasoline fuel blend. Ethanol, produced from corn as fuel, has been hailed as a breakthrough to reducing both American’s reliance on foreign oil and dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. This is a moot point as many people claim that growing tonnes of crops to produce a fuel that is no better than gasoline is a cul-de-sac solution. For instance, Ethanol has been used by cars to run without optimization for quite a while without significant changes in fuel prices or greenhouse emissions. A newer contender is hydrogen gas in cars for improved fuel economy.

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