Tag: Sport cars

The Splinter wooden sports car

Splinter has 4,6 liter V8 engine, its long 4,6 meter with a six-speed gearbox. But main characteristic of this car is that its made from plywood, MDF and maple. It weighs 1,134 kg, 240 kg less than the lightweight Porsche 911...

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Limited edition Edo Lamborghini LP 710 Audigier

Lamborghini presented new car model which is the fastest of all time. The limited edition Edo Lamborghini LP 710 Audigier, of which only five will be created, is a car engineered to the highest standards, combined with Christian...

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Mosler MT900 GTR XX

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Mosler is building a brand spankingnew MT900 GTR XX European model. Back in 2006 in support of the their Le Mans entry, Mosler’s German importer, Mosler Deustchland, developed a European road...

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