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MINI Scooter E Concept

Mini has revealed a trio of retro-styled scooter concepts ahead of their official debuts at next week’s Paris motor show. The basic concept however, is that of a plug-in two-wheeler that will run on lithium-ion batteries and...

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Vespa Four Seater Stretch Scooter

Vespa South Africa is showing off a “Stretch Scooter” that can seat four people, and has two rear ends of the scooter put one after the other. Quote” Vespa called it “a family car on two wheels and kids will look...

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World’s Longest Motorbike

This 46-foot long scooter/motorcycle, can not be good for any practical purpose, but it should not be a problem because Colin Furze has never been understood that it is in this way. He built the 14.03-meter-long motorcycle to...

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What Size Scooter Should You Invest In?

It’s important to remember where you will be riding it and what kind of use it will get when you are looking for a scooter that fits you best. Rather than just go for the cheapest scooter and disregard other factors, it’ s always better to consider first what type of scooter will fits best with how you plan to use it and where you will be riding it.

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How To Buy One Cheap Go Karts

Finding cheap go karts is a lot easier than you may think, you just have to wait a little longer before you buy. But don t worry, not too long. It s really a simple tactic that I call price shopping. Price comparisons are certainly something you have already heard about, but if you do it right you can find some great discounts.

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Water scooter MR1

Hydrofolis are wing-like folis mounted on struts below the hull. As the Foiljet increases its speed the hydrofolis develop enough lift to become foil borne-i.e. to raise the hull up and uot of the water. This results in a great...

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