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Quad Bike With Lawn Chairs

Tom Wilson’s Big Dog is 11 feet, 4 inches long, stands eight feet high at the tops of the chairs and weighs 490 pounds. It uses go-kart brakes and axles. recycled bikes and patio chairs. Specifications * Length: 11 feet, 4...

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Used ATV For Sale Online – What To Consider Before Purchase

Literally everything can be purchased online today, right? This even includes larger items that would only be considered for purchase at local stores just a couple years back. If you are currently searching for a used ATV for sale online, consider the following tips before you put your money on the line.

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Quad Bikes To Over Take Motorcycles

All terrain vehicles are showing signs that it is gaining momentum over the motorcycle in sales growth year after year. As sales and manufacture of the quad bikes is growing, we can also expect positive growth development in the sales of used ATVs in the coming years.

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2009’s Top Three ATVs

Today, ATVs or quad bikes are not only used as a toy for your family, as a handy helper in your household chores, as a lavish way to stroll downtown, or as an alternative for golf cars. They have already become a way of life for some people.

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