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p70t Conch Three-wheeled Electric Vehicle

Andrew English The P70t Conch, on show at the Tokyo motor show, the Conch is a three-seater, lithium-ion battery-powered car from the Phiaro design consultancy, together with Japanese design students and made up to prototype...

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E-Wolf e2 Prototype

Powering the hypothetical electric supercar will be one 134-horsepower electric motor per wheel for a total of 536 pure horses and an exciting 738 lb-ft of torque (1,000 Nm). The run to 60 mph is predictable to be dispatched in...

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BMW C1-E Electric Scooter

Nearly ten years after the first has not entered into scooter would, BMW is showing off a prototype of an updated version of the scooter, complete with handles. The intention of C1-E is a safe, environmentally friendly and...

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Mitsubishi Outlander GT Prototype

Mitsubishi has unveiled images of a sport version of its Outlander crossover, by the name of the GT Prototype, ahead of its live first time present at the New York auto show. The Outlander GT concept boasts several new...

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Covini C6W

The Covini C6W, which stands for Covini 6 Wheeler, is an Italian 2-seat, 2-door sports coupé with a removable roof section. Inspiration for the car was taken from the 1976 Tyrrell P34, which had two pairs of smaller front...

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