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DIY Smart Bike

Matt Richardson used an Raspberry Pi credit-card-sized single-board computer to make a very special kind of bike headlight that can dynamically project information on the road in front of you while still illuminating your way...

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nCycle Lightweight E-bike

The lightweight nCycle, an e-bike designed by Skyrill and Marin Myftiu, has built-in brakes and lights that secure your safety. The fold-up design allows users to use it easily. It can be folded up in 2 seconds and remains...

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The World’s Fastest Baby Carriage

Colin Furze made “Mad Max Stroller” — a carriage with a 125-cubic-centimeter motorbike engine that cost $750 in parts and took four weeks to build. Furze isn’t stupid enough to actually put his child in the Mad...

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Remote Car Starters- Know The Concepts

Remote starters are devices that permit you to start your motor vehicle from a distance. Those starters are available by using a selection of distinctive characteristics to suit your certain existence and requirements.

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Cars and TV

The American people are crazy about cars and nothing reflects this love as much as television and film. High speed chases, stunts and shootouts, these cars have been through them all and emerged as rerun favorites. Here are some of the best.

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Gas Furnace Repairs You Can Do Yourself

There is not actually a lot to go wrong with contemporary gas furnaces, but each mechanical device can fail and the central heating system is one of them. The problem is though, that hundreds of millions of households all over the world have come to rely on their central heating unit.

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Reasons For Getting An Auto Navigation System

You have of course seen auto navigation systems in your friends’ vehicles and you could be on the point of buying one yourself. It is definitely true that the auto navigation systems look impressive and the price of a set-up has fallen fairly radically over the last few years. There are indeed many benefits to be derived from owning an auto navigation system, which is also known as sat nav.

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Mega Hurtz Tactical Robot

This is a Very Rugged, Tactical Robotic Platform. It is a 4WD unmanned electric vehicle with a Steel Plated Shell and a Teleoperated Pan/Tilt Turret with a 20 Round per Second Non-Lethal Weapon System. The Modified Paintball Gun...

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Reading Reviews On Scooters And Motorbikes

I have read loads of reviews about scooters and motorbikes, because I am a subscriber to a scooter and motorcycle enthusiasts’ magazine that carries articles about all the different types of scooters and motorcycles on the market. It also recommends the best one to acquire depending on whether you are a first time owner or a two-wheeler old hand. The magazine is great, and it helps me understand what other scooter owners feel about the various models and brands of scooters.

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Huge Red Wagon

Toby Hall built a man-sized version using a Berrien Buggy chassis, a 1641cc 4-cyl. engine, a couple of bomber seats and of course some red paint. Toby spent a lot of time building his new toy with a tubed frame, bomber style...

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