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Nissan The World’s Fastest EV

Nissan just unveiled its newest supercar, and it runs on batteries. Dubbed the ZEOD, for Zero Emissions On Demand, the car definitely looks like it was built for speed, thanks to its DeltaWing-style construction. And...

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Nissan TeRRA Concept

Powering the front wheels of the Nissan TeRRA is the electric propulsion system currently featured in the Nissan LEAF. In each back wheel, providing all-wheel power as needed, is an in-wheel electric motor, based on the working...

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Nissan Land Glider Concept Car 2009

Intended to be a city of speed boats, the two-seat Country Glider is completely electric, and is very narrow to relieve congestion in dense urban centers and make it easier to find suitable parking. The concept car is not only a...

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Nissan Motivity 400C 2009

It is the latest creation of the brilliant visor and stunning feature characteristics from the side of Nissan by Tryi Yeh. But spreading his periphery, the Taiwanese designer has designed a car that takes you straight into the...

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