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Hate Being A Risk, Take these Precautions

What is the first word you think and associate with people who drive motorcycles? How about irresponsible, reckless, crazy, dumb, adrenaline junkies? All of those words are common perceptions of bike riders. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle riders fit into that category but it’s the few irresponsible riders that give the transportation a bad rep.

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Motorcycle Ownership And Motorcycle Insurance

There are a lot of things to know about motorcycles now that you have one, or are considering buying one. For example, did you know that motorcycles are stolen and involved in vehicular accidents far more commonly then regular passenger vehicles? It is true, in spite of making up well under five percent of the vehicles on the road, motorcycles are involved in some way in over ten percent of automobile accidents. Also, in the United States a motorcycle is stolen from its owner approximately every 11 seconds!

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