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The Many Advantages Of Having A Hobby

All the research that has been undertaken into the subject of hobbies has revealed the mental and physical benefits that they offer. A hobby is more than just an idle pursuit to pass the time. It can be a way for someone to reclaim their life away from a job that doesn’t give them much stimulation. If work is just an unhappy means to earn a living then a hobby can be a real lifeline.

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Marcos Mantis XP Sportcar

Designed by Dennis Adams, the Mantis XP was built in 1968 and has a Speed Racer-esque exterior. With an exposed body, the sports car reveals all of its BRM-Repco V8 engine without making it look sloppy. Like Gemma Arterton, this...

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Fun, Friends, And Collecting Model Scale Cars

When it comes to hobbyists, some folks may never be quite as fanatical as automobile enthusiast. Cars are such a deeply valued aspect of modern culture that entire genres of community have grown up around them. One such group is collecting model scale cars.

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Die Cast Model Cars Are Valuable Collectors Items

The idea that die cast model cars are valuable collectors items is probably true, since they have been classed as collectibles since the 1930s. In 1934, Dinky Toys brought out die cast metal toy cars, which presumably parents brought for little boys, who grew up to be men who still liked the cars, and turned play into collecting.

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