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Are You Paying Too Much For Car Insurance Miami FL?

Simply put, auto insurance companies look at credit scores to help them assess a customers risk. In addition to the credit score, an insurance company looks at a customers insurance score, a number derived in part from the credit score. Some insurers offer no-credit-score car insurance, but these are fewer in number. Why auto insurers look at credit scores has the same answer as why banks look at credit scores before setting up a bank account: its complicated. Insurers believe there is a relationship between a drivers credit score and the amount of insurance claims they are likely to make. Auto insurance rates are thus affected.

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Tricks To Saving Money On Auto Insurance Miami Florida

Unless you are one of the lucky folks on Wall Street or heading up one of our fine transnationals, or living the life of Reilly dining on champagne and caviar inside the D.C. Beltway – if you are among the majority of Americans who actually has to work for a living and make an actual, genuine contribution to society – chances are you are very interested getting the lowest auto insurance rates you can.

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