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Lotus Evora S 2011

The 2011 Evora S offers an amped-up Toyota 3.5l V6, with 345-hp, while the IPS option makes the Evora line easy to drive, with a six-speed automatic transmission and manual paddle-shift override. Lotus Evora S Technical...

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Lotus Exige Segway Small Concept Car

Actually this can be considered as a small concept model for the real thing, because this work may be highly related to Photoshop, and with this one jammed up, shrunken down copy of what we normally know as Lotus Exige as a...

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Lotus Evora

Evora project start in October 2006 on a clean sheet of paper, says people from Lotus, and to date, 19 pre-production versions have already rolled off their lines as the prepare for the begin of...

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