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LEGO RC Caterham 7

Sheepo keeps his builds close to their inspirations, this Seven constructed with working steering, double-wishbone front suspension and Ackerman geometry in front, a three-link De Dion rear suspension in back and disc brakes. A...

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LEGO A-Team Van

Flickr member vmln8r made this sweet remote-controlled replica of the A-Team van using LEGO pieces, including LEGO Powerfunctions pieces. via:...

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Custom Built LEGO Air Crane Helicopter

LEGO certified professional Ryan “The BrickMan” McNaught built an incredible model of a Erickson S-64 Air-Crane Helicopter (nicknamed “Elvis”) out of 100,000 LEGO pieces. He created this model in under a month for the upcoming...

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Lego Cart Test Driving

Eric Steenstra‘s Lego car is a monstrous Mindstorms creation that can carry an 88-pound kid. In next step he will develop steering unit, after improving the gearing, not perfect at this moment. via:...

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Lego TRON Legacy Lightcycle

Words from designer: Ewok was kind enough to post instructions, which I used to build this one (check out his work: here). I did not have all the required parts so this has some subsitutions. I have Bricklink orders incoming to...

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American fans of Chevrolet and Lego has a great idea – to cross the two brands, as a result of that happened here is a miracle called...

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