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Who Will Teach New Motorcycle Clubs The True Meaning Of Biker Brotherhood?

I want to address a question I have gotten a lot recently. (I am sure it has a lot to do with the hit show Sons of Anarchy) It is from people who want to start new Motorcycle Clubs. They want to know if they should go to the predominate MCs in their area to talk about starting a new MC first. Many have said to me they do not understand the reason why they should go talk to them! Some have even gone as far as to say that if they have to go to the predominate MC in their area and ask permission that just proves that MC is a Criminal Gang! Not sure how they came to that conclusion but they are some very strong words sent over the computer.

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Best Biker Bars

In the Heart of the New York Catskill Mountains, there is a place called Nicks Waterfall House. I have been there many times and it has become one of my favorite places of all time to ride to.

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Theirs A Little Rebel Trapped In Each Of Us

Whenever a person or group of people try to live their lives free, those who are stuck in unhappy lives will be jealous. Some people have a hard time letting go, freeing themselves from the day to day trials and tribulations of everyday life even for a little while. Others seek an escape from the stress and anxiety often associated with modern day life.

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Motorcycle Clubs The Brotherhood Mentality Verses The Gang Mentality

This Month I want to talk about the Brotherhood mentality verses the gang mentality in the Motorcycle Club world . Now for those of you who may be asking what is the difference? I will set up a scene to help give you an idea! At a small Bar a member of a Motorcycle Club walks in he sees four Bikers playing pool, He can tell they are a bit nervous, They see his patches and they know who he is with. Now how does he act? Does he walk over to the pool table knock the 8 ball in the pocket say games over and tell one of them to buy him a beer or does he walk over introduce himself and let them know when they are done shooting pool they are welcome to stop over at the bar and have a beer and talk with him! One is the gang way of thinking the other is the Brotherhood way of thinking! I really don’t think I need to tell you which is which!

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