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Ford Evos Concept Santa’s Sleigh

According to designer Paul Wraith, and a few hastily concocted mathematical sums, Santa will have to visit an estimated 267,300,000 homes across the world. In order to successfully deliver a toy to every child, Santa and his...

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The Invincible Ford Mustang!

The market research and brand image analysis of various cars available in the market has proved that pony cars are still highly preferred by a thick consumer base. This analysis was given a concrete shape when 2007 Ford Mustang model was launched by the company. The new model is similar in its style to the already launched model in 2005; however, a visible difference is the changed shape of rear suspension which could absorb shocks as never before. Competitor analysis of 2007 Ford Mustang identifies that not one competitor is equipped with enough resources and brand loyalty, so as to launch a car in order to grab 2007 Ford Mustang’s customers. The car is definitely a worth purchase because it not only meets expectations but exceeds them.

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Ford Rescue X Concept Vehicle

The Ford Rescue X is a vehicle specifically designed for search and rescue operations on rough terrains with the main goal of saving time during medical emergencies.One of the seats has an integrated first aid pack that can be...

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Cadillac, Mustang, And Corvette Are Three Of The Most Classic American Cars

It’s true that there are many great cars out there in the world today, but the Cadillac (no matter which model you buy), the Mustang, and the Corvette are some of the most iconic and widely-recognized, being seen as great choices. For many years that have stayed on the forefront of popularity, and that means that they have a lot to offer to people who like all kinds of different cars for different reasons. There are some who don’t see why these cars are so very popular but most individuals realize the impact these cars have had on the driving public throughout history and how it appears that they will remain strong well into the future.

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NASCAR Shouldn’t Lose its Soul

If you’ve watched NASCAR lately, chances are you’ve heard about (or seen) the Car of Tomorrow. This is a generic car where the team slaps the sticker of their sponsor (Chevy, Toyota, Ford, Dodge) on the hood of the car, but the car is otherwise unaffiliated with the brand.

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Ford 021c Concept Vehicle

Ford 021c concept in 1999 was a car designed to appeal to the younger generation. Universally despised, the car never made it to production because of the natural world, radical designs of Marc Newson, a furniture designer who...

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