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Sim-Lei EV with 300-km Range

“The basic concept of the design of this vehicle is to achieve a cruising range of over 300km while maintaining a constant 100km/h speed. By operating the vehicle with a high efficiency, 65kW, 700 newton meter motor,...

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Bremach T-Rex

BREMACH has replaced many traditional petroleum-based automotive lubricants with specialized advanced and better performing organic substitutes. This truck performs well almost anywhere. It is a daily driver in the morning, an...

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Brammo Empulse Electric Motorcycle

The Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle is powered by a proprietary powertrain that includes a Digital Drivetrain with a Power battery pack and vehicle management system. Brammo Empulse can go 100 miles per charge, and crank out...

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Bionamic Concept Car

Bionamic is a single seat, electric-powered concept car especially designed speed with stunning visuals and great functionality. This is the stylish design of the Whale Bionamic concept car is built into excellent quality stuff...

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Robotic Taxi Without Driver Concept

Designer Kubik Peter’s automatic transport is electrically powered, and have two seats. That may not sound like greatly room, but there is a case in the back for some baggage. Known as the Robot Taxi, the vehicle has been...

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Pininfarina BO

It is not just a concept of electric vehicle, according to Pininfarina the BO is ready for production in the fall of 2009, but in limited series. Maximum speed of Pininfarina B0 will be limited electronically to 130km/h (80...

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