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Foldable Electric Vehicle Armadillo-T

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology was developed this electric-powered Armadillo-T. It will help to reduce the amount of space used when a car is parked and not in use. Using a 13.6 kWh battery, the car is able...

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Sim-Lei EV with 300-km Range

“The basic concept of the design of this vehicle is to achieve a cruising range of over 300km while maintaining a constant 100km/h speed. By operating the vehicle with a high efficiency, 65kW, 700 newton meter motor,...

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T.27 Electric Car by Gordon Murray

Gordon Murray Design announce the Specification and Performance Targets for the T.27 City Car, a pure electric drive vehicle designed to fully optimise packaging, weight and performance. T.27 has a top speed of 65mph and a range...

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Electric ATV Saddle

  The Saddle concept vehicle merges futuristic styling, modern power technology, & equestrian influence into a go-anywhere electric three wheeler designed to tackle the roughest terrain. Inspired by the mobility &...

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Ford Focus Electric 2012

An all-electric powered by a 23Kwh Li-ion battery. It has an estimated range of 100 miles between charges, and a recharge time of 3-4 hours. The zero-emissions Focus hatchback makes its official debut at this year’s...

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The Fastest Solar Car Sunswift IVy

The car is entirely powered by silicon solar cells and produces about 1200 watts — the same amount of power required to run a toaster. The “IVy,” the fourth solar car built by the Sunswift team from the University of...

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