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Wind-Powered Electric Car Made in China

55 year old Chinese farmer Tang Zhenping designed and built with his own hands an incredible piece of automobile that has the ability to reach 140 kmph. Tang spent 10,000 Yuan ($1,600) and three months to shape his dream car....

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Could Electric Cars Be Part of Your Future?

One day in the not so distant past we were almost ready to consider electric cars to be something that we would never have to worry about dealing with; and this was not out of dislike for them but rather because it did not seem as though our technology would ever catch up to the ambitious vision of a society that was not dependent on fossil fuels. What was once reserved for the annals of science fiction is now a reality that will be rolling out onto showroom floors within the next fiscal year. Who would have considered the possibility that these dreams would come true?

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The Fastest Solar Car Sunswift IVy

The car is entirely powered by silicon solar cells and produces about 1200 watts — the same amount of power required to run a toaster. The “IVy,” the fourth solar car built by the Sunswift team from the University of...

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Electric Tricycle Concept

  Plug-in electric tricycle, an environmentally friendly vehicle for the modern-living urban inhabitant, combines the advantages of a motor scooter with those of a car – small and agile but still comfortable and...

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Japan’s Handcrafted Electric Car

An environment-friendly car built by hand by a small family-run business at their garage-workshop in the snowy foothills of northwestern Toyama prefecture on February 24, 2010. It putters along at a maximum speed of 37 mph and...

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Nissan V2G for 2030

Nissan’s ‘ON-GRID’ compliant vehicle for the year 2030 is the V2G (Vehicle–to-Grid). Wildly accepted with consumers thanks to its low cost, lively styling and quality construction, the V2G is the best selling...

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