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HydroCar on Ebay

HydroCar is 22 feet long and eight feet wide without its sponsons extended. Dobbertin sold the Surface Explorer and his Award winning Hot Rods to finance the Dobbertin HydroCar you see here. As you can see from the pictures,...

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Taking Advantage Of Slow E Bay Auctions.

Some auctions get lots of of bids, but some go much more slowly, getting just a few bids and even none at all for days. Auctions are generally a lot slower during the summer season months than they are within the winter – and sales on e bay are slowing every year, as more sellers than buyers join, hoping to get rich quick. There are a variety of the way that you would be able to make the most of slower auctions to get the best price.

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Tips To Buying Cars On E Bay Motors

There are many terrific benefits to buying cars on e bay Motors, including a price that the you get to determine, lower insurance and the absence of a car payment every month if you pay in full. If you plan on buying used cars on e bay Motors in the near future, here are several tips to make sure that the road to your new ride is a smooth one.

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How To Deal With Bad Comments On E Bay As A Seller?

E bay’s feedback system is the backbone of sellers’ success. All the top sellers have large quantities of positive feedback. On the flip side, negative feedback can hurt sales and prevent businesses from taking off. The feedback system was intended to be a collection of impartial reviews of the performance of buyers and sellers. If a buyer pays quickly, their seller will leave positive feedback. If a seller ships quickly, their buyer will leave positive feedback. This way, future buyers and sellers can get the scoop on who to buy from and who to avoid, from people who have been there.

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