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Driving The Day After A Night Out

Four out of five drivers suspect they are still over the limit the morning after a night of heavy drinking, but still get behind the wheel. Many would think again if they realised the risk they are taking with their own and other people’s lives.

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Britain’s Most Lucrative Speed Camera

The ‘most lucrative’ speed camera in Britain has been named and shamed. Not surprisingly, the local community is outraged by the findings of this camera. It has been discovered that the speed camera, erected on a road where few incidents take place, has netted the local council 1.3m pound per year.

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Put The Brakes On Drink Driving

1 in ten deaths on UK roads are caused by drunk drivers, and in 2008 269 of these where a direct result of drivers being found over the limit. There where over 11,000 recorded drink or drug related incidents in the UK in 2008.

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