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Custom Made Bike by Fat Attack

The bike has a 1550cc 2 cylinder engine that releases 110Hp and it is made mostly out of carbon, having a price of about 110.000Euro. The bike, The One, was created using materials found in the racing industry so the bike is...

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BMW R602 Great Escape

This traffic-stopping machine, called “Great Escape“, is a 1963 BMW R60/2 customized by Blitz Motorcycles of France. Blitz kept its 600cc engine, stripped off the fender, added 18? tires and painted the body and engine matte...

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1930’s Art Deco Henderson Motorcycle

Frank Westfall’s 1930 Art Deco Henderson motorcycle, which was built by O. Ray Courtney in 1936 and is based on a 1930 K.J Henderson. Knucklebuster says: “I took these photos at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet...

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