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Honda To Make Affordable Green Cars

Honda has forever maintained a values system of economizing on diminishing resources and is respected as a maker of fuel-efficient models and motorbikes of many years. Its much sought after Civic Hybrid has long been a challenger of the number one hybrid vehicle Prius by Toyota, the biggest car manufacturer all over the globe. In a recent initiative to take advantage of the prevalent favorability of eco friendly cars and to control the hybrid industry, Honda has brought in an innovative five-door hybrid. With hybrids averaging fewer than five percent of overall car sales, Honda has made the new car low-cost as it feels that affordability is a crucial element in the hybrids failure to increase ample market share.

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Toyota Adopting A Cautious Approach

For a significant number of years now, Toyotas Prius has been the top hybrid vehicle in the auto industry and stays triumphant in popularity and revenues in spite of the many competitive automobiles easily obtainable. The trend in Europe, the US and a considerable number of Asian countries like China and Korea has been increasingly shifting to completely electric automobiles and this industry has been witness to a vast flood of funds from both the private sector and governments. But Toyota appears to be standing off while other car producers are racing ahead with the introduction of cars like the Chevrolets Volt and Nissans Leaf.

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