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Fliz Bike – Foot-Powered Bike

The Fliz Bike prototype is just another innovation with an aim to make bicycles trendier. The prototype, which entirely changes the way we ride bicycles, has been designed without any pedals and even no saddle. The bicycle is...

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Monocasco Concept Bike

This new concept bike is designed to look like an old school 1970s café racer. is a tribute to the original OSSA Monocasso that famed Spanish racer Santiago Herrero rode in the ’70s. Herrero, who died in track related...

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Biofuel Concept Bike Modenas

Designed by Imran Othman, the Modenas Cenderawasih Concept Bike seems to respect nature on another more practical level as well. SO the result was a shape that is aggressive and at the same time very dynamic. There is one word...

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Harley Davidson Circa 2020 Concept Bike Motorcycle

Designer Miguel Cotto’s Harley Davidson concept looks like it came straight out of sci-fi. The futuristic concept is dated for 2020, and has an 883cc engine for power and the familiar roar of the Harley. Then there’s the sleek...

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BMW Halbo Zero-emission Duo-Wheel Motorcycle

Conceptual BMW Halbo is a little motorcycle. Designed for BMW Motorrad Innovation Contest 2009 BMW Halbo by Pierre Yohannes Lubis is a concept bike driven by electricity, which in contrast to other motor propellant front wheel....

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