How To Get Rid Of Fire?

A fire truck is used to assist fighting fires. It transports fire fighters for the task to the location of outbreak of fire. The fire fighters are trained professionals. The fire truck is equipped with apparatus to assist fire fighting such as ladders, axes, pike poles, cutting equipments, fire extinguishers, floodlights, ventilating equipments, breathing apparatus, hose ramps and general tools. Fire trucks are also popularly known as fire engines. Fire trucks also may have hydraulic system that extends a ladder that is mounted on the truck to reach inaccessible parts such as tall buildings. Fire trucks may have onboard water reservoirs for instant response on arrival at the place of fire mishap. They can also source the water from external sources such as water tenders, fire hydrants, reservoir or river. Water is sourced with the use of draft water suction. Some may deploy modern methods which are more effective such as the impulse fire-extinguishing system where water mist is used directly instead of water. This is by highly pressurizing water into vapor.

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