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Norah The Jet Bike

Colin Furze is known for making amped-up, but horribly dangerous vehicles. The gas bottle that fuels the jet sits just behind the rider, and is operated with valves. It has a few issues — to go to full throttle, you need...

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World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter

  Colin Furze, 31, spent nearly three months converting the machine which has a powerful 125cc motorbike engine hidden under the seat, five gears and twin exhausts. The petrol-powered super scooter, which is British racing...

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World’s Longest Motorbike

This 46-foot long scooter/motorcycle, can not be good for any practical purpose, but it should not be a problem because Colin Furze has never been understood that it is in this way. He built the 14.03-meter-long motorcycle to...

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