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Citroen 2020 Dakar Rally Concept Vehicle

The basic theory behind this structural skin is that the core is the strongest part of the vehicle, while the outer extremities (the structural surface) displays relative flexibility. This is the basic concept behind the...

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Citroen DS x Land Cruiser Crazy Combination

Surprisingly though, the Citroen DS and Land Cruiser make a good match. The cross does look a wee bit out of place, but it doesn’t hurt the eyes, this one in fact does look quite cool. This wildly modified Citroen DS body sits...

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Citroen Nemo

The fresh Citroen Nemo is the little van with no shortage of space. Its compact outside dimensions, which mirror the footprint of C3 car, are deceptive. Nemo is large enough to take sizable loads. At just 3.86 metres in distance...

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Citroen 2CV Concept

Just as competition, Citroen decided to follow current trend of reinventing classic models. 2CV will be model such as BMW’MINI, or VW Beetle. As green technology also is in the trend, this model will represent...

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