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Hand-Carving Car Tires

Wim Delvoye, Belgian artist made a series of attractive things by hand-carving intricate patterns and floral motifs on used car tires. Through his manipulation of found objects, Delvoye change things that seem practical in...

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Cooper Tires Are Trusted By Drivers Across The Globe

From its inception in 1914, cooper tires became a world leader in the manufacture of superior performance tires that earned this company the reputation of exceeding the demands of multi-nationals. This innovative company rose to the status of 4th largest tire producer in North America, ranking 9th worldwide, servicing 155 countries with an employment record of 13,000 workers. Recognized as a global leader, this highly-regarded company is one of only two tire manufacturing companies in the country owned by the United States.

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Keep Your Tires In Tip Top Shape

There are a multitude of signals that your tires are biting the dust to be on the hunt for. One of the most visible signs is a flat tire. When your tire is flat it may be caused by a puncture to the tube inside the tire, a leaky air valve, or the air being taken out by someone.
Running over a nail or other sharp item will destroy both the tire itself and the inner tube inside of the tire. This will call for the purchase of a new tire (and inner tube) as the tire will proceed to break down from the damage it has sustained.
A leaky air valve can bring on a slow-moving leak which can cause the tire to slowly but surely go flat over a span of time. This can be briefly fixed by adding air to the tire but it will need to be replaced in the long run. Most tire centers can put a new inner tube into an existing tire but if the tire is an older one it would be more cost efficient to merely replace the entire tire instead of the tube one day and the tire next week.

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Low Profile Tires – For Looks Or Performance

Every where you look these days it seems you will see a certain type of tire more and more. A lot of people want a sporty, racer look to their vehicle and just the sound of the words ‘low profile tires’ impart sentiments of intense and speedy to mind. But do you actually know what low profile tires really are, and are they the most effective option for your particular automobile? You might just find that there’s a lot more to consider in regards to your vehicle’s tires than just appearance.

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Tips To Help You Buy The Right Car Tires

Frankly, there are millions of things a car owner can do than purchase tires for his car. However, if you just run out and buy any old tires without doing your homework and weighing the options, you are likely to spend more money than you need to.

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