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Restoring An Old Car

Which car to buy for restoration is a big decision. There are many things you need to consider, but the first question you need to ask yourself is how much money and time can I afford to spend restoring a car. When you have an unlimited amount of money to spend, then you can just buy the car you like the most. When money is tight, you have to be much more careful in your choice. Look for a car that is more common, for which parts are easily available and for a car that needs a minimal amount of work.

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The Importance Of Tyre Pressure

Maintaining your tyres is critical for safe driving. Checking your tyres regularly and addressing any issues will protect other road users, your passengers and yourself from harm. Poorly maintained tyres adversely affects the handling of a car, in particular in an emergency or high-speed situation. Wrongly inflated tyres or worn tyres are a factor in 20% of all road accidents.

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Theft Proofing A Old Car

Most classic cars do not come with anti-theft devices already fitted, so can be vulnerable to being stolen. The good news is that your average classic car is not considered a good target by most car thieves. Generally, car thieves want a car that can be easily broken down into parts or sold on. The market for classic cars and their parts is relatively limited, making them less attractive to thieves. However, you should still protect your vehicle.

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What is Executive Car Hire?

The phrase ‘classic car’ is used to describe car that is old. But the specification to define such a car varies from individual to individual. Some may take them to be the cars that were made before 1948. Others may consider cars that are registered 15 years ago as a classic car. But these cars should be functioning well in our and is well maintained according to the specifications of the manufacturer. However a classic car is one that have been around for fifteen years after the date of manufacturing. These classic cars are mostly luxury cars.

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