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Should You Restore Your Car To Top Condition Or Sell It And Buy A New One?

How satisfied are you with your present vehicle? Unless additional safety features, increased fuel economy, or other compelling reasons really justify the cost of a newer model – or you’re sick of driving the same old workhorse year after year – repairing a good older vehicle and continuing to drive it is often a wiser move. If your car is in relatively good shape, why not spend your money to restore it?

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Why It’s Better To Buy A New Car Than A Used One

Used cars are like mature people. They’ve been through the minor problems of youth and have either evolved into strong, time-tested, reliable partners, or they have succumbed to the wear and tear of life in the fast lane, lack of proper care, and unforeseen catastrophes and can no longer be relied upon to operate efficiently. New cars, on the other hand, are like newborns. Sure, your chances of getting a new car that you’re satisfied with are greater than your chances of getting a dud. But without a track record, you’re the lucky soul who gets to discover and deal with everything – good and bad – first.

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Buying a Steering Wheel Cover?

A steering wheel cover might sound like an unusual purchase, but these handy devices do serve a number of purposes. Not only can they add a designer touch to a vehicle, but they can also improve steering wheel grip and protect the wheel from damage that can occur during use.

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