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The Sandwichbike

Basten Leijh a Dutch Design original that was inspired by the concept of flat packing, home assembly and our never-ending drive to create exceptional products. The Sandwichbike fits in a small, flat package, so we can send it to...

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Cykla – Three Bikes in One

A cruiser bike is for leisure, people-watching and enjoying the environment. A road bike is for the times when you are in a hurry and need to get somewhere really fast. Most people settle for a commuter bike because it does...

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MOOBY – Stylish Bike Concept

Designer Madella Simone decided to create a bike concept that stands out from the crowd. The MOOBY (a word play on mobility) single-speed bike reimagines the structure of the urban commuter as a paneled, modular system that...

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Treadmill-Bicycle Concept

The Treadmill Bike offers the same fat burning benefits of a conventional treadmill without the membership fees! Here are some reasons for this “Flintstones bike”: – The Treadmill Bike’s hard wearing belt...

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Twist Concept Bike

The concept, at first, looks like any other modern bike with its minimal features and high-tech design. But when you look closely, the Twist allows the riders to both conjoin individual bicycles to ride tandem and split the...

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TrekWorld Pedal-Less Bike

These are pedal-less bikes which the kids sit on and scoot along with their feet. Presented by Trek designer Ryan Callahan at last week’s TrekWorld 2012, the Light Cycle leaning bike is just a concept, but one which I...

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