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Selecting The Perfect Color For Your Car

Picking the right color for the car is an art and it is influenced by aspects like style, fashion, availability and taste. The budget that one has as well as the society are two critical aspects that individuals like to think of when choosing a color. Vibrant colors, for example, appeal to people’s acquisitive instincts. Sports vehicles are said to be bet when painted red, as mentioned by one specific dealer.

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Powerful Jet Bike

  According to Maddox, who did five test runs on the bike before handing it over to its new owner, it does 0-60 in “maybe five seconds.” Handling is “smooth and stable,” although it’s so powerful that it “wants to pull your...

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The B.O.N.D. Bike

The B.O.N.D. Bike (Built of Notorious Deterrants) concept is definitely for the green-living James Bond wannabes, with its special Bond-like features. It offers everything you’d ever need for urban warfare on two wheels, also it...

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Quad Bike With Lawn Chairs

Tom Wilson’s Big Dog is 11 feet, 4 inches long, stands eight feet high at the tops of the chairs and weighs 490 pounds. It uses go-kart brakes and axles. recycled bikes and patio chairs. Specifications * Length: 11 feet, 4...

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Collection of Couch Bikes

Here are some really interesting way for tranportation. Take riding comfort to complitlley new level. Enjoy in crazy couch bikes pictures:             sources: bikeforest, couch bike for two, blue...

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Motorized Bike by Eric

Words from designer: The first part off this project was to restore an old Schwinn Cruiser I found. I stripped it down to the frame, took off all of the old paint, and sprayed it a nice blue. The handle bars, which I turned...

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Kitten Bike

Gregory deGouveia has bulit a bike with awesome car wheels!   The original concept wat to build the bike completely square and have all square tubing connect at 90 degree angles. any round tubing would meet at non-right...

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