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Auto Body Repair: Choosing A School

Careers in the automotive field are very competitive, and Auto Body Repair is no exception. You may hear from people who claim to be “in the know” that you do not need further education after high school to excel in this field, but they are wrong. If cleaning floors and running errands is your idea of a great job, listen to those people. If you are looking to land the highest paying jobs in Auto Body Repair, then you need experience. The only way to gain experience with no prior work in this field is with a Auto Body Repair School.

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Auto Body Repair Guide: Polishing Tail Lights

If your like me having a clean and sharp looking car is very important. You take your car to get washed and detailed, you may even spend the money to have the car repainted, just to get that showroom floor look. All this washing and polishing may make your paint look great, but can wreak havoc on your tail light lenses. Today we will outline what it takes to polish your tail lights to give them a better than new shine.

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