Tag: Audi R8

Audi R8 V10 Plus 2013

The LED lights dominate the rear of the Audi R8. One innovation from Audi is the indicator light with dynamic display at the bottom edge of the lamp – its light always proceeds towards the outside, in the direction the driver...

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Audi R8 X Tron

West Coast Customs pimped out an Audi R8, giving it a Tron-themed makeover to promote Monster’s line of Tron audio gear. Headphone manufacturers are showing off a trendy Audi R8 Tron themed chrome, modified by West Coast...

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Iconic Cars by Light Graffiti

Photographer Mark Brown recreates iconic cars using an original light painting technique. When the worlds of art and cars come together, they can generate some truly beautiful output – evident in the BMW Art Cars created...

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