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Traffic Tickets Are No Laughing Matter In Missouri

You can experience some pretty severe consequences if you receive a traffic ticket in Missouri. In fact, the ramifications extend far beyond simply appearing in court and paying a fine. It might seem like it’s just a simple ticket for speeding or some other kind of traffic violation, but that simple little ticket can do some major damage. That’s why consulting an experienced defense lawyer about fighting the ticket is always the best strategy.

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What You Should Know About DUI California

DUI California laws have severe penalties. If you have been charged with driving under the influence, you may lose your driver’s license. There will be other repercussions to deal with, too. Here are some things to expect, if this happens to you.

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Top 10 Auto Accident Causes and Hiring a Lawyer

A car accident is perhaps the last thing that you think could ever happen to you. But regardless of how careful a drive you are, you do not know just when you might come across a reckless driver and get into an accident yourself. Knowledge about your rights and the motor vehicle accident law might come in handy should you or anyone you know meet a road accident.

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Tips On Driving More Safely

This article is not another one on how to learn basic driving skills. You don’t need to be reading about changing lanes, parallel parking and turn signals. Instead you will be learning about the risks taken when drinking and driving and how drinking even a little before driving can cause major problems. Associations like MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, have been able to make great strides in educating people about driving after drinking. However you should consider how drinking can affect your driving skills.

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Different Types of Personal Injuries Cases

A personal injury case involves damages or injuries caused to a person due to another person or entity. There can be many causes of such a case. The injured person can get compensation if the court decides in his favor.

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DWI Means Driving While Intoxicated

For states to receive federal funding they must follow the guidelines set. That would mean DWI, or driving while intoxicated, would be a BAC of .08% which is the equivalent of two beers or less per hour. These set standards are applied to alcohol consumption.

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