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Astroghini Mutant of 1994 Astro

The mutant 1994 Astro has a thrilling 4.3 liter turbo V-6 and 211,615 miles on the odo. The show managed to lower the Astro’s roofline by a full eight inches, and as such, the rear doors don’t open, the side windows...

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The History Of The Chevy Astro

The Chevy Astro was one of the most popular minivans on the market for a long period of time. Its inception began in 1985 and it grew to be one of the most popular models from Chevrolet, directly competing with a number of other popular minivans that were on the market at the same time. The production of these fans continued until the year 2005, but for a number of reasons, the minivan still remain popular, especially a second-hand models since they are rather cheap these days.

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