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WaterCar Python

The WaterCar Python is a vehicle that can generate massive amounts of ugly for both land and water. One aspect of WaterCar Python, you can not fault the performance. Thanks to a GM origin V8 – from LS1 to LS9 from the...

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Grumman Amphibious Aircraft

A remake of the legendary Grumman Goose that ferried the likes of Hemingway and MacArthur in a long ago era, the new Super Goose was built using the original Goose’s FAA type certificates, engineering drawings and...

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Amphibious Hybrid Run On Water

Amphibious Hybrid is a concept vehicle that was created under an industrial design course project. Car designers Janne Leppänen, Tuulia Miettinen, Roope Kolu, time Stelwagen and Jaap Van der Voort has designed a car that can run...

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Amphibious Combat Craft Concept

Lockheed Martin and Gibbs Technologies have teamed up to build up a family of high speed amphibious vehicles intended specifically for military operations. Gibbs Technologies would be aided by Lockheed Martin to make the...

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