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Alfa Romeo Zagato TZ3 Stradale 2011

Zagato has unveilied a new addition to its TZ line up, the TZ3 Stradale built for Alfa Romeo’s 100th Anniversary. TZ3 Stradale is the street-going version–but it keeps that raw intensity, based on the Dodge Viper, which...

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Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept

The Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept looks totally different than anything Alfa have designed before and it features a very futuristic design, put still manages to keep some classic Alfa curves. The Pandion showcases unique...

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Alfa Romeo Bertone BAT 11 concept car

The spectacular design is a modern evolution of the fascinating Berlina Aerodynamica Technica cars of the mid to late ‘50s constructed by Franco Scaglione. The front end is powerfully tapered to a V-shape with a efficient Alfa...

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