Buying a caravan is an investment that can bring a lifetime of adventure, exploring and relaxation. Whether you are purchasing a caravan so that you can spend spontaneous weekends by the seaside, or you have decided to hit the open road on a journey of discovery, there are a few things to think about that can make buying your new vehicle a little easier. So, what should you be doing prior to purchasing a caravan?

Caravan Vs Campervan

Lively debate is rife among the camping community as to whether a caravan or campervan is better. Prior to your investment, think about the type of holidays you are planning on taking, as this can help determine the option that will suit you and your family’s needs in the best way. Do you want to spend vacations traveling between several different camp sites, touring a wide area, or would you prefer to spend a week or two relaxing in the same spot?
One of the benefits of owning a campervan is that there is very little to do in terms of setting up a pitch once you reach your destination. However, it can sometimes be easier to use a car to tow a caravan to places that might be too small or narrow for a larger vehicle to navigate. Nonetheless, if you decide to take your caravan on a ferry, this can be more expensive than travelling by campervan. Above all, try to choose a vehicle that will give you the most enjoyment.

Shop Around to Get the Best Deal on Your Caravan Insurance

Before buying the caravan of your dreams, it is in your best interests to get an overview of how much it will cost to insure your vehicle. While for some caravan’s insurance isn’t necessary, insurance is still your first line of defence for protection against loss or damage. No one likes to think too much about the chance of being involved in an accident, but if you are towing a caravan with your car and you damage property or injure someone, your car insurance could cover these costs.

The caravan insurance industry is a competitive market, so it pays to weigh up a few different options. Comparing different insurers as well as the different types of policies is vital if you want to get the insurance coverage your caravan needs at the most affordable price. Furthermore, an insurance intermediary like One Sure Insurance can help you to get a quote for caravan insurance at the best possible rate.

Check the Caravan Thoroughly

As with any large purchase, whether the caravan you are buying is new or preowned, you should always inspect the vehicle for any signs of damage. If you are not yet a caravan expert, you might even want to bring along a mechanic for a second opinion. Start by finding out as much as you can about the history of the vehicle. Ask to see any original handbooks and quiz the owner or dealer over any concerns you might have such as if the caravan has been stationary for long periods of time.

In particular, keep an eye out for any evidence of damp. Repairing damages caused by damp can be expensive and in extreme cases can exceed the price of the caravan. Check fixtures, fittings, and seals as well as doors and windows to make sure any locks and hinges are secure and move freely. Gas and electrics should also be checked. Finally, look over the chassis for any evidence of neglect.

As the proud owner of a caravan, you probably see the open road as can a symbol of endless possibilities. Exploring at your pace in your very own vehicle is a great way to make memories that can last a lifetime, just remember to always do your research beforehand to make sure your investment is a positive experience. Looking for a new caravan to call your own? Take a look at this review of a Dub-Box Retro Caravan for some inspiration.