In addition to the Italians and the Japanese, Americans rarely fail when it comes to engine design.
This beautiful bike called Bienville Legacy Motorcycle and move straight to the point – it’s Motus V4 1645cc, developing 300hp. This is a great figure even for cars, and for motor with almost no weight is amazing.
Water-cooled engine in the standard setting comes with 185hp, but may develop up to 300 hp with the optional supercharger kit and a small adjustment to the engine.
The so-called “steam-punk” theme is a perfect fit with this power and design. It looks like works of the Swiss watchmaker, and it is carefully designed and made like masterpiece of art.
It is made all of the carbon, from suspension parts, wheels etc. This would save a lot of weight and makes this motorcycle terribly fast.
The motorcycle will have its world premiere at the Goodwood festival of speed, and it will be driven the legendary climb of 1.8 km, by Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller, founders of American Design and Master-Craft intitiative – a company that has made this bike.