Jaguar D-Type and E2A

Two of the classic models of Jaguar’s coupe are anticipated to fetch up to £6 million in an auction. One developed in 1960, Jaguar E2A symbolizing the omitted connection between the iconic D-Type and E-Type sculpts is allocated to be sold off in California next month with an anticipation to generate sales of £3.5 million (4.44 million euro/ $7 million). And the other closer to home a two-seater sports racing D-Type would be featured...

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Peace from the past 1932 Ford M-1

The November 1951 issue of Mechanix Illustrated magazine, on the cover, and feature article, detailed how you could “build a race car in your own garage for under $500”, using a 1932 Ford. Of course back then, a 1932 Ford cost about $50. There was a detailed description, and you could order a complete set of plans for $2. I purchased my “M – 1” racer about 3 years at the Kruse auction in Auburn IN. With the car came a free entry into...

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