Everyone knows the frustration of being behind one of those drivers that are demonstrating some of the poorest driving habits on record. People on the road that are doing things they shouldn’t while behind the wheel have many times caused accidents that have cost some people their life.

You should never talk on your cell phone while driving. The number of accidents that have caused the loss of life due to a cell phone being used while driving is growing. Using a phone while driving has to be one of the top worst driving habits there is and the most dangerous. Thankfully, in many places all over the world, cell phone use while driving is an illegal act.

Cell phones are great for an emergency, but they are not great for texting while driving down the road. Texting takes your attention away from the road worse than talking on the phone does. Texting is considered one of the most dangerous driving habits out there and is fast becoming illegal every where you go.

Following too closely to another car is also a good way to get in an accident. If you are going a good rate of speed while doing this and the car in front of you has to suddenly stop, you are going to be in big trouble. There would be no way to avoid hitting someone in the rear and you will be charged for the incident being your fault. Always make sure to leave plenty of room between you and the driver in front of you because you never know when they may need to make a sudden halt.

No one should complain about gas prices if they regularly drive over the specified speed limits. Any car that maintains a speed of over 60MPH is using more gas, no matter which way you look at it. One of the best driving habits to practice is to always follow the speed limits. You will not only save gas, but you will save lives as well.

No one likes to get stuck in traffic. The worst part of this, however, is the gas that you are wasting while your car idles. If you would like to stop your bad driving habits, you should start by avoiding high volume traffic at all costs. You should always try to take detours that will steer you away from the traffic jams.

One driving habit that could cost you a lot in an accident is forgetting to turn on your turning signal when you plan to make a turn. If you are slowing down, this may not be enough of a warning to drivers behind you that you are going to slow enough to make a turn. There have been many wrecks due to someone nut using their turning signal at the appropriate times.

How many people do you think would be alive today if they had remembered to put on their seat belt before they started out in their car? Do you think they just figured that they were just going a little ways down the road and they would be straight back home? This is why many have died due to not wearing their seat belts. Accidents can happen close to home in just the same way as if they do farther from home.

It is required by law to have auto insurance for driving. When it comes to finding car insurance quotes, you will need to provide a lot of information.