GPS navigators have become useful, for all those people who are on the go. These types of gizmos of cutting-edge technology have got diversified prices commencing as little as $79 and moving upward based on the functions that they show.

GPS navigators possess pre installed roadmaps, that guide people towards the desired destination. Spoken instructions along with text to speech is a feature that enables drivers to view the actual street, instead of focusing upon the GPS. This, alone, is a safety element.

Display sizings can vary between 2.5′ – 5′. Some individuals favor the little screen so that it may easily be attached to the windshield without blocking visibility while driving, where other people give preference to a bigger display so that the instructions and road directions may be easily viewed. Naturally, if spoken directions are among the list of features of the GPS, the smaller sized screen wouldn’t be a worry; however 3.5′ screen appears to be a preferred option for many individuals.

Real time traffic reports is a superb feature for all those people who are journeying on high populated highways, in addition to the automatic rerouting feature. Additional features comprise of MP3 players, photo viewers, and international language functions that make GPS navigators attractive products for modern day travelers.

One preferred GPS navigator is the Garmin Nuvi 285W/285WT that is priced at around $148. Its outstanding technical capabilities, along with its size, make it a device that is desired by many. Whether an individual is strolling, driving, or trekking this item is flexible. The 285W/285WT’s water resistant characteristics, together with its antennae made for immediate satellite connection add to this device and help to make it an extraordinary gadget!

The Garmin 285W/285WT features nearly ten million installed map points that you can use for straightforward navigation. I understand you will be thinking that this is just the run of the mill feature on almost all GPS devices within your vehicle however this one is a bit different. The Garmin Nuvi can actually read out the names of the roads while you drive. As an example, an average GPS will say, ‘turn left a in a hundred feet.’ This one will say ‘turn left on Colorado Street in a hundred feet.’ A little touch, however one which makes driving less dangerous and easier.

Nearly all GPS products will have a few novelty functions, however it appears that Garmin include necessary extras to theirs. One that is extremely valuable is the inclusion of the personal assistant. You may make your traveling plans, locations and plan on your notebook and then wirelessly transfer all of them to the Garmin 285W/285WT. This model, like some other compatible mobile units, can connect to the MSN network so that you can check the latest news headlines, your flight status, traffic updates as well as how much the fuel will set you back on your trip!

You owe it to your self, family and other motorists to make your trip as risk-free as you possibly can. Taking your eyes off the road, even for a few seconds, to push buttons on your cell phone can end in catastrophe. Thankfully most recent GPS navigators, including the Garmin 285W/285WT have wireless bluetooth engineering built in. As long as your cellular phone also has Bluetooth activated, it is a simple job to set up automated pairing for safe, hands-free cell phone conversations while driving.

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