by Charles Thomas

Have you ever had the experience of happily driving along, confident that your radar detector is on to alert you of cops on the look out for speeding motorists, only to be jolted out of your blissful enjoyment of the ride by being pulled over for speeding? The sad fact is that most of the radar detectors that are in the market right now are not all that they are touted to be. Further, cops now use new models of radar guns and that is the reason why your radar detector failed to do its job.

The newer radar guns use a cutting edge radar technology that is called digital signal processing, or DSP. This new technique makes new guns so fast that they are always faster than your twitch reflex of hitting the brakes. By setting them at standby and waiting for a car to come into range, a policemen can lock on and measure the speed of a vehicle in less than four tenths of a second. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to know who’s going to get a ticket in that situation.

Coupled with this new speed is a lower power footprint that previous detectors. Modern radar guns use Ka band frequency, which uses a very high bandwidth, which is more than fifty times higher than previous, X band radar guns. This means that detectors have a much harder time finding the signal from radar guns.

Your radar detector is set to scan the entire bandwidth spectrum in order to try to detect a radar gun. This process can be lengthy and does not adequately detect all of the vast ranges that the police radar gun can be set at. Ultimately this makes your radar detector virtually useless to you.

The new radar guns do not necessarily monitor the speed of just one car at a time. They can be programmed to pick out the fastest moving car from all the cars in their range, and measure its speed. This means that you can no longer use the ploy of getting behind a large vehicle to escape the radar gun. The radar gun will pick you out of all the cars within its range.

There is more bad news for you if you always tend to drive fast. As the old X band radar guns go out of use and are replaced by the latest model radar guns, the radar detectors will become less and less effective.

Its time to start researching the new improved radar detectors that are available. When doing this research it is important to know where most of your driving occurs, whether it is on the highway or in the city. City driving requires a radar detector that is able to filter out all of the other frequency information while still being able to detect police radar.

The reality is that radar guns will keep improving and the detectors will have to keep pace with such improvements. All this means is that no matter what type of detector you choose now, it will soon become inefficient and you will have to change it. No radar detector can last you for ever in these times of continuous technological evolution.

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