Pass Plus is aimed at new drivers that have little experience on the roads, but anyone can attend a course if they feel the need to learn more about driving. This course will provide you, with extra experience, knowledge, and the confidence to deal with difficult driving conditions.

Statistics show that new drivers and young drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents then any other driver. With this in mind the Pass Plus course, focuses on this group to improve there driving experience. The students will learn to become more aware of the road and their driving and gain valuable experience in the process.

The course starts with an introduction, which will go through what the course involves etc. Secondly it will involve a practical lesson, which will go through how to drive more confidently in hazardous situations for example. As well as hazardous situations it helps drivers deal with bad weather conditions and being more aware of dangers. The course is made up of several modules.

The course doesn’t take long to complete, it usually lasts 6 hours until being issued with the certificate. Checking with the driving company before hand, as different companies have different ways of doing this course and may vary in time scales.

Pass Plus course is monitored by instructor evaluation throughout the day, therefore no tests or exams are carried out as part of the course. Once the instructor is satisfied with the pupil’s performance then the certificate will be issued and the pupil has passed the course.

Due to the success of Pass Plus, many insurance companies give drivers a small discount of there policy. So as well as experience, knowledge and confidence, an insurance discount is an added incentive to attend the Pass Plus course.

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