Used cars are like mature people. They’ve been through the minor problems of youth and have either evolved into strong, time-tested, reliable partners, or they have succumbed to the wear and tear of life in the fast lane, lack of proper care, and unforeseen catastrophes and can no longer be relied upon to operate efficiently. New cars, on the other hand, are like newborns. Sure, your chances of getting a new car that you’re satisfied with are greater than your chances of getting a dud. But without a track record, you’re the lucky soul who gets to discover and deal with everything – good and bad – first.

And the car you have? Well, it’s like your teenager: You either hate to part with it or you can’t wait to see it go. You should decide whether to overhaul or replace your present vehicle.

After you make the decision to replace your old car, you face another decision: whether to buy a new vehicle or a used one. Each option offers advantages and disadvantages, so keep an open mind until you have all the facts.

The allure of new cars is certainly compelling: shiny paint in myriad rainbow colors; gadgets and doodads that blink and glow; and who can resist that new car smell? But there are more – and better – reasons than these to consider a new car.

Safety features. The best reason for buying a new vehicle is to replace one that lacks such vital safety features as air bags, integrated child seats, structural reinforcements and the like. Other technological improvements

In recent years, innovations in steering and suspension, fuel injection, and basic equipment have resulted in vehicles that get better gas mileage, run cleaner, and can go for long periods of time between tune-ups and other periodic maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about repairs. It’s nice to have a car that’s all your own, free of the mistakes, mishaps, and poor choices of a previous owner. It should be pristine and free of the battle scars and aging components that can plague an older vehicle. Of course, some new cars have problems of their own due to faulty manufacturing or newfangled systems that may succumb to unforeseen circumstances. The choice of risks is yours. However, there’s no denying that a new car is often considered more attractive and prestigious than an older model from the same manufacturer. You pay your money and you take your chances.

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