One thing that stops Americans from purchasing hybrid cars is the lack of options out there for them. For instance, some people just like to ride in certain models of cars, and when those models are absent from the market, people start to get upset. What the automotive industry needs to do is make sure that every consumer need is satisfied when it comes to hybrid cars. What should it do to satisfy every potential customer’s need? Just take a look at what people are buying. And hey, why isn’t there a hybrid pickup?

Half of the entire US vehicle market is based on sales of SUVs and pickups. That whole market is comprised of 16 million vehicles. And since pickup vehicles use tons of gas per year, it would be a great idea for pickup hybrids to flood the market. These types of hybrid cars would save pickup drivers tons of money on gas. The savings would make a great case for the hybrid car industry. Alone, those dollars saved would get people curious about hybrid cars. If people saw just how much money hybrid pickup drivers saved on gas, they might be led to rush and get a hybrid for themselves. The dollars saved would provide the perfect visual for potential hybrid car buyers.

But the question still is, why isn’t there a hybrid pickup truck. Hybrid car drivers all over are waiting to hear the answer to that question.

Well, actually for a short time, a hybrid pick-up truck did in fact exist. Late in the year of 2004, there was a hybrid system on the Silverado and Sierra models. This system was introduced by general motors. However, this truck was not really the market. It was developed, but no one really knew where to buy it. Then in about the year 2006, GM dropped the hybrid pickups known as the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. And that’s the last the market heard of hybrid pickups. But these hybrid cars or hybrid pickups were let go for a number of good reasons, one being the hybrid pickups created an increase in the fuel economy.

But in the near future, more hybrid pickups will be introduced to the market. And that will be approximately a year from now. So hybrid car-lovers can get ready for these great utility vehicles. Hybrid cars are already selling fast. So with a new kind of hybrid car like the hybrid pickup, hybrid car sales will take off even more. And then, auto manufacturers would need to produce more hybrid cars. The end result would be that hybrid cars would multiply on the roads because everyone would be driving a hybrid car. And that would do wonders for the environment and the general economy.

So if you want a hybrid pickup, you may just have to wait until about 2008. And that should be fine. Just purchase a different kind of hybrid car while you wait. There are plenty of other hybrid cars available.

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