Dashmat, an Australian innovation, has become quite popular in the world of dashboard covers lately. The main reason for this super popularity it has achieved is that it isn’t just an ordinary cover; it is a product that is made after a lot of research and engineering to get something that actually protects the dashboard and even improves the internal environment of the car.

The biggest innovation about Dashmat is the fabric that is used in making it. This fabric is called as the Ultimat, and it is built with various features to make it unique. Firstly, the fabric can “breathe”. The passage of air that it allows prevents the dashboard from getting too musty from getting excessively heated up. The fabric is quite pliable as well, which allows it to be properly spread over the various contours of the dashboard without any problem. Even without any support of a hardboard, this mat can easily maintain its shape over the dashboard.

A lot of the dashboard covers that are in use nowadays emit various toxic substances that might be very hazardous within a car’s interior. But this problem does not exist with the Dashmat. In fact, Dashmat is so designed that it can absorb all these toxic emissions and neutralize them. If you install Dashmat within your vehicle, it is definitely going to be much more healthy for your car than if you don’t have one installed.

And if you think about it, Dashmat could actually spell better economy for your vehicle. One way in which this happens is that the car takes away the inside heat of the vehicle and thereby it makes it cooler from within. This helps you save money that you would otherwise spend on air conditioning your car. Dashmat is also a wonderful adsorbent; it removes the substances that might be trapped under it and thus your dashboard lives a longer life. Again, this helps you reduce costs on renovating your car, because your car will actually look young for longer.

Dashmat is also proven to be protective. The mat can absorb any dangerous solar radiations that might be incident on your dashboard. It also protects the dashboard from the direct sun’s heat, which might otherwise cause cracking of the dashboard paint. The Dashmat prevents the solar reflection from troubling anyone sitting inside the car as well.

You must certainly consider purchasing this unbeatable product for your vehicle; it isn’t just a mat, it is a whole new scientific breakthrough for your car.

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