Installing garage floor tiles is a very easy way to upgrade your concrete garage floor and improve the look of the garage overall. Although some people may just see the floor of their garage as nothing but something to park the car on, if you actually work in your garage, you know better. Your garage floors are the first thing to get cleaned when you’re done working and the first thing to look dirty when they’re not taken care of. Well, maybe with the exception of the car, that is. When the garage floor looks nice, the whole garage looks good. If the garage floor looks stained, the entire garage looks rather ugly. It’s pretty annoying to have just finished a big job successfully, only to turn around and see that you now need to spend an hour scrubbing the stains out of the garage floor cement.

Considerations When Choosing Garage Flooring

There’s lots of tile types, styles, and manufacturers out there, so there is some decision making to do. Will you put down a myriad of colors, or just one solid? Do you want some standard tiles, or something not so square? Does it matter if the garage flooring channel debris and water out of the garage, and does it need to provide traction for walking, or does it just need to look pretty?

What To Think Of When Choosing Garage Flooring

When you consider just how effective they are, it makes sense that sticky-backed garage floor tiles are considered to be one of the best garage floor coverings that you can easily install on your own. Unlike epoxy garage floor paint, you can start the job and then finish three years down the road if those are the cards life deals you. Eventually, you will finish, and there’s no real penalty for breaks in between. You can start and stop laying garage floor tile whenever you need, and in the end spend about as much time as you would have had you done it all in one go. You don’t have to worry about phases or drying times or anything like that; just place six or seven tiles down before the game or TV show every day and eventually the entire garage flooring will be in place.

Preparing The Cement Garage Floor

Tiles do require a cleaner surface than almost any other garage floor coating. As they have sticky backs, they’ll stick to whatever they first contact; even if that first thing is dust, gravel, dirt, or oil. Therefore, it’s very important to be sure that the garage floor is very, very clean and that any holes or cracks are filled in and sanded down to provide as even a surface as possible

Thinking About Hiring A Garage Floor Installer?

For this type of garage floor covering, probably not. The total number of man hours are probably about the same, and if you’re going to hire someone, you may as well go with epoxy which will last longer. Besides, doing it yourself only requires a straight edge to keep things even and a utility knife to cut the tiles.

Flo Tilley writes articles about her epoxy garage floorand garage floor coverings.