Does your car radio leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to sound quality? Does the music in your car sound bad when you play it? Is your car boring to ride in? If yes, then you probably need to install a new car stereo. Most of the factory car stereos have limited features and functionality which is the more reason why they need to be changed.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you need a new car stereo:

1. Top-Notch Sound Quality

A new aftermarket car stereo has a better circuit design and greater in-built power which makes it louder compared to the factory stereo that your car comes with. This improved design makes the stereo produce a clearer, high-detailed sound, hence making your driving experience more enjoyable, especially on long drives.

2. Improved Sound Controls

The factory radio that comes with your car will have limited sound controls more so if your car is an older model. Installing a new stereo gives you access to additional sound controls such as parametric equalization and digital time correction. These high-level controls will allow you to customize your sound to your desired preference.

3. New Stereos Are Expandable

The factory radio that comes with your car will, in most cases, have limited features. You may not be able to listen to music stored in a flash disk or stream it from your mobile phone via an auxiliary cable. That can be a bit boring, to say the least.
A new car stereo will give you access to additional features such as a USB connection port, audio and video outputs, and auxiliary inputs, all of which allow you to expand the system.
This way you can be able to connect external amplifiers, powered subwoofers, video screens for the rear seats, and other portable music players. Bluetooth connectivity will also come in handy when making phone calls.
Other capabilities that a new stereo will come with include a DVD playback, GPS navigation, a satellite radio, MP3/AAC/WMA playback, and internet radio connectivity.

4. Nice Classy look

New aftermarket stereos have amazing layouts and high-tech displays that enhance the appearance of your vehicle’s front interior panel. These stereos come with full-color large size displays with color themes that are customizable, touchscreen displays with animated graphics, and an overall outer casing that fits well on the car’s interior console.
The enhanced appearance a new stereo brings is way much better than that of the factory stereo your car comes with.

So now that you know why you need a new car stereo, it’s essential to know the essential parts that the stereo needs to have:

I. The Source

This is where you choose what you desire to hear. The options to choose from are the CD/DVD player, AM/FM, satellite radio, USB input, and smartphone.

II. The Preamp

This is the part where you make sound adjustments. The controls in it include volume, fader, equalizers, time correction, and tone adjustments.

III. The Amplifier

This part is used to convert the low voltage audio signal received from the preamp into a high voltage audio signal which is then sent out to the vehicle’s speakers.
With that said, one of the best aftermarket car stereos to purchase and install in your vehicle is the double din head unit. If you’re interested in getting one, here are some reviews of the best double din head units that will help you make an informed purchase decision.

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