With only minor changes in its 2006 predecessor, the Lexus IS 250c continues to be the best car made by Lexus, due to its fantastic and all-round performance. This time, the Lexus sports vehicle is a diesel variant. This can be considered as a direct competition for the 3 series of BMW, A4 of Audi and Mercedes-Benz C300. With a brilliant ride and handling, there is just a slight feeling that this is not the most involving machine in the world in the minds of a few, but still, it is nothing less than an ideal car for anyone as compared to its price, which attracts many consumers.

If someone is looking for an inexpensive car but one that is as luxurious as a sSedan with a sporty look, then Lexus IS 250c is the right choice. Although it is comparatively less powerful than the IS350, but it is still has very attractive features of the IS series such as accurate handling, a top-class interior and a variety of high-tech features.

This car is a small one in size when compared to the other models, but it is still very comfortable and brilliant to ride in. Even with all these outstanding features, it has been defeated by the BMW in the case of outright road holding, but still it gives a very smooth riding experience when riding on dodgy and broken motorways. At 154kw for 2.5-litre, V6 might not really provide the experience that was expected formfrom it. It has the maximum speed of 230 km/h, which gives you an impressive sprint in just 8.1 seconds. For this reason, this comfortable and high performance vehicle is in for the competition with the BMW.

The parts of Lexus IS 250c are beautifully engineered together. There are some very interesting materials to be touched, but you may find some of the stuff to be matching the Japanese-spec wood-made from a fine quality plastic. When it comes to handling, this rear-wheel drive makes the most of what it has got in either petrol or diesel form. If you are a speed freak, the diesel may become a little noisy, but maintains the class that is lacking in the European front-drive sedans. Although the steering is not as smooth as one dreams it to be, it is almost what is expected from a sporty sedan.

This car is spacious enough to accommodate four or five people and has a boot of 378 litres, but still it is not an ideal vehicle when it comes to the spaciousnesse in it. Its running cost is very reasonable at 9.8 L/100 km.

The car has been successful in receiving very positive review, but there have been some negative reviews as well. One of the consumers rated it very high, stating that it is very comfortable, classy and sporty at the same time. ItsThe amazing features that it offers have made it fun to drive. Overall, it is an excellent car. Some critics have also said that the breaks squeak a bit when the driver backs up.

This car is a piece of competition with the German rivals as it is fast, luxurious and safe.

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